Kinosaki Onsen Koyado Enn

We are a three-minute walk away from JR Kinosaki Onsen Station. We are new style accommodation opened in September 2013 in Kinosaki Onsen. We have 4 types of room such as semi-double room, twin room, Japanese room and Japanese and western style room. We have 2 indoor hot springs. We provide special Tajima Beef dish (Kobe Beef) for dinner at the restaurant. Please enjoy very nice tea imported directly from England, coffee, sweets, wine etc. at café & bar on the 1st floor. We are new style accommodation in Kinosaki Onsen.


1. Comfortable sense of distance

We are not traditional Japanese ryokan. Enjoy your private time.

2. Adult only

We are sorry that we do not accept to stay children of primary school age and under.

3. Non smoking

Smoking is allowed only in the smoking area.

4. Solo traveler is welcomed.

Solo traveler and business traveler are welcomed. We have Free Wifi in the room and lobby area.

5. Selectable rooms

We have various types of rooms. We provide high quality goods for good sleep.

6. Long stay

Check in time : 14:00 / Check out time : 11:00

7. TAJIMA beef (KOBE beef)

We provide the best quality Tajima beef. (Same quality as Kobe beef) We buy beef direct from contract cattle farmer.


We have 11 rooms, 2 semi-double rooms, 3 twin rooms, 3 Japanese style rooms and 3 Japanese Western style rooms. We provide Simmons bed for good sleep.

Facility in your room
-Air conditioner
-Washing stand
-Toilet with bidet
-Electric hot-water pot
-Tea set
-Refrigerator (A bottle of mineral water is provided.)



We have 2 chartered indoor hot springs. Please enjoy relaxing time with your family or friends. Reservation is not necessary. Please check the plate in front of the bath. (“Vacant” or “Occupied”) Please lock the key from inside when you use them.

Business Hour : 7:00-23:00 * They are closed from 10:00 to 14:00.



You can enjoy the best quality of Tajima beef at IRORI Dining MIKUNI on the 2nd floor. You can choose BBQ course, Sukiyaki course, Shabusyabu course or a la carte menu.


You can enjoy western style breakfast at café Ⅲrd on the 1st floor.


Koyado Enn

221 Yushima , Kinosaki-cho , Toyooka-city , Hyogo

Just 3 minutes from Kinosaki-onsen station.

Check-in 15:00 ~
Check-out ~10:00

By train

From Tokyo to Kyoto

Shinkansen to Kyoto
Time: About 2h30m

From Kyoto

"Tokyu Kinosaki" to Kinosaki Onsen.
Time: About 2h30m

From Osaka

"Tokyu Kounotori" to Kinosaki Onsen.
Time: about 2h45m


By car

From Kyoto

R9 to Wadayama, R9+R312 to Kinosaki
Time: about 3h15m

From Osaka

Chukoku Highway and Kinki Highway MaizuruSen to Fukuchiyama, R9 & R312 to Kinosaki
Time: about 3hrs

By plane

Tokyo (Haneda) fly to Osaka (Itami), departs 14:50pm
Time: about 1hr.

Osaka (Itami) fly to Tajima Airport

Planes depart at 9:00 and 14:40. (35min. flight). Then bus to Kinosaki.
Total time: about 1h20m

See more information at Japan Airlines Web site.
(please select Osaka(Itami) and Tajima.)


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Koyado Enn
219 Yushima , Kinosaki-cho , Toyooka-city , Hyogo 669-6101
Phone: 81 (796) 32-4870
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